5 Minimalist Habits That Will Make Mom Life Easier


Hey friend! I’m so excited to share a few habits that I’ve found have made a huge impact on my mindset at home. I prefer a clean and organized space, though I myself am not naturally clean or organized so everyday is a habit building opportunity and I hope you find some of these helpful for you too!

Declutter your home on a regular basis

Decluttering is one of my biggest joys. Why? Because it feels so good to clear out things that are taking up space and that don’t bring you happiness. I feel so stressed out in my home when there is stuff laying around everywhere. Now don’t get me wrong, we have alot of stuff even though I try to practical what I call practical minimalism. And I’m naturally not a clean-as-I-go type person. So by decluttering on a consistent basis, I remove items from our home which means I spend less time picking up. It’s so satisfying to throw things in the trash or in a donation bin often. Try it!

Do the dishes everyday.

Or even better, put them in the dishwasher (or hand wash them) right after using them. This has made a huge impact on my mindset for some reason. I enjoy finishing loading the dishwasher after dinner every night and then unloading it in the morning so that it’s clear throughout the day and ready to be used. This means our kitchen stays much cleaner, even if I just throw the dishes in the sink in the meantime if I feel too busy to focus on the dishes during the day.

Clean your counters and other surfaces everyday

When you commit to clearing and cleaning your counters everyday, you’ll keep less items on them (because it’s a pain to clean around objects) so you’ll have a more visibly pleasing space and a more practical one that you can easily wipe down in just a few minutes. This applies to both kitchen and bathroom counters. We try to keep very few things on ours just so it’s easy to quickly get the clean and they always look ready to guests technically (though we hardly ever have anyone over haha!)

Take something with you every time you leave a room

This is so simple of a concept but a legit game-changer when it comes to keep your house more organized and clutter free. When you leave a room, look around and take anything that does not belong there and return it to it’s home. Whether it’s a dish, a loose paper, a toy, whatever it is, just take it with you. Clutter attracts clutter so if you leave stuff laying around, other stuff that also doesn’t belong will start to accumulate and then you’ve got much more time to spend putting everything back. Little steps make a big difference in keeping your home feeling like a haven rather than a junk drawer.

Spend 5 minutes (or more) in quiet or meditation everyday.

Whether you are starting your day, recharging in the afternoon or winding down in evening, spend just a few moments taking deep breaths and sitting mindfully. You can literally do this in just quiet or you can follow a guided meditation. I personally like following a guided mediation because otherwise my mind is going a million miles a minute… which is still will with a guided meditation but I’m working on focusing more. Remember. Baby steps.

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