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I’m a huge fan of podcasts. I’ve been listening to them for a long time now for all things related to running a business, but lately I’ve been venturing into other categories. Ones that relate to motherhood, parenting, lifestyle and mindset. One that I recently discovered in my pursuit for living more intentionally is the “Minimalist Moms Podcast“. I’ve been binge listening to these awesome ladies talk about the ins and outs of pursuing a more full life while living with less.

Their episodes range from…

  1. Tips on creating a minimalist home
  2. Quick 5 minute minimalist mantras
  3. Guest speakers on topics relating to minimalism, mindset or intentional living.

So far one of the most impactful episodes for me has been Episode 42: Shopping Bans with Cait Flanders. I’ve heard of Cait on another podcast that I’ve listened to previously a long time ago but now I’m just dying to get her book The Year of Less and hear more about her journey. She also has a podcast that I’ll be checking out for sure!

I think what really hit home for me in this episode is that it’s not so much about the act of spending, it’s rather the motive or influence behind it. We can “easily” try to avoid spending but if we don’t change the habits or mindset behind it, the problems will come back.

She also was asked, why declutter at the same time as no spending? Throwing stuff away when you can’t purchase anything else seems counterintuitive. But she clarified that she already had plenty of things that she wasn’t even using. She had enough, she didn’t need more, and she could handle having less. And both sides of the coin – decluttering and no spending, tackled two different areas in her mindset.

This really resonated with me as I constantly feel anxious about our home, and let me tell you that honestly, we don’t have an absurd amount of stuff by any means, in fact we probably have less than a lot of people, but it still feels stifling and I want to have a clearer space so I can have a clearer head. And by purging more stuff and refusing to buy anything else that I don’t need, hopefully I’ll find the happy balance in both my home and in my life.

I want to focus on the non-material things and be happier in general without feeling the need to run to the store and buy something, no matter how small.

Have a podcast you love? Please share it below and tell me why, I’m excited to check it out!

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